We were so excited on Thursday to have a visit from Eleanor and Jack from Wragby Young Farmers, who brought with them a very large tractor and Larry the Lamb!

The whole school had the opportunity to talk with Jack about how the tractor works and also see the different crops that are grown locally such as oil seed rape, wheat and barley. They also had the chance to stroke Lenny and learn about the other animals on Eleanor’s farm.

On Tuesday, we were able to take 8 children from Year 5 and Year 6 to Bishop King Primary School where they took part in lots of maths challenges, such as using tangrams. The day was led by Maths Consultant Pete Hall, who really engaged the children in mathematics beyond the classroom. The children returned saying the day had been ‘amazing’.

We enjoyed some fantastic activities with people from the YMCA a few weeks ago and I am so proud to say that following the assembly, we were able to give them over 100 mugs to be used by people attending the shelter.

Kieran Spiers from the YMCA came to collect them last week so they will be being put to good use!

On Monday 6th February we were lucky to have a visit from the 817th Mayor of Lincoln, Roseanne Kirk, as part of the traditional Mayor’s birthday school visit.
She talked about her civic regalia such as the mace, dating from 1588; the mayoral chain with rubies and emeralds; and the posy ring. The children asked some fantastic questions and listened brilliantly to the answers.

We were so lucky to have Tim from Rock Steady Music in school for assembly.

He rocked out some tunes on guitar, keyboard and drums, with the aim of getting the children enthused about music. He skilfully got the whole room clapping and singing along to some rock classics. The children were able to have a go during the KS1 and KS2 workshops.

They absolutely loved it and were enthralled by his skilful playing! What an energetic and fun way to start the week!

We have launched our new reading spotlight for this month. Our focus will be on books about famous people. We have a range of biographies and autobiographies for the children to share and look at this month from Elvis to Captain Tom Moore. A range of people from different backgrounds and various industries will be studied. 

On Monday we welcomed the YMCA into school to deliver an assembly about the work they do for the homeless in Lincoln. We learnt about the hostel and the way that homeless people are supported by providing them with food, shelter and entertainment, as well as access to other services to help improve their lives. The Nomad Centre Manager asked if we could donate just one mug per person to help support their work.

In classes the children learn about the work that the YMCA does in Lincolnshire. The children were then asked to consider what their social impact can be by thinking about the changes they would like to see in their local community and how they can help to make it happen. 

On Wednesday 25th January we were lucky enough to be joined by Sarah from Usborne Brilliant Books for Children who launched a very special sponsored read event. 

The sponsored read is running between Thursday 26th January, 2023 and Wednesday 1st February, 2023 with all of the money raised going towards brand new books for our school. On top of this, we will earn up to 60% in EXTRA FREE BOOKS.

Reading is such an important skill that opens many opportunities.

This week Year 3 has been learning about Christianity. They began by identifying what they already knew about the Christian church and writing some questions about what they would like to find out. 

Following this they found out about some artefacts and symbols found in a Christian church; these included the cross, bible, candle, dove, paschal lamb and bread and wine. 

On Wednesday, they were lucky enough to visit St Giles Church to find out how different symbols are used in daily worship. Reverend Michelle and Reverend Nick showed the children lots of symbols and explained their meaning, as well as how Christian’s use them. The children also had the opportunity to ask some of the questions that they had prepared earlier in the week.

It was brilliant for the children to be able to see some of the symbols in real life and have the opportunity to have their questions answered by an expert. 

Year 3 furthered their learning back at school by finding out about Holy Communion.

On the 11th January, the January reading spotlight was launched, looking at ‘Amazing Animals’ and the Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year is the year of the rabbit.

We are very much looking forward to hearing what recommendations the children make and continuing to engage our children in conversations about books we enjoy.