Our Academy


At St Giles Academy, we understand our pupils benefit educationally, personally and socially from a rich and rounded educational experience. Our enrichment and extra-curricular activities help all pupils develop the skills and characteristics that will provide a solid foundation for all aspects of their lives.


Enrichment through the curriculum

Enrichment in each curriculum area is aimed at:

  • Increasing enjoyment and engagement;
  • Providing challenge and developing independent learning;
  • Developing particular skills and talents;
  • Finding innovative ways to bring the subject to life;

It includes:

  • Clubs linked to the curriculum areas or to developing a specific skill or talent;
  • Subject focussed trips and outdoor learning opportunities;
  • Carefully selected external facilitators working with students for a workshop/day or sequence of learning;
  • Celebrations of particular National Days or World Weeks throughout the school year such as world book day, or Number day.


Cultural Capital

In addition, enrichment activities are a key part of our Personal Development Curriculum and essential for building Cultural Capital.

These activities include:

  • Trips to local museums, galleries and theatres;
  • Engaging with local secondary schools, college and university;
  • Linking to the local churches and church leaders;
  • Nurturing and looking after caterpillars and chicks;
  • Championing local and national charities.

In order to develop leadership skills, the children are also given the opportunity to take part in

  • School Council;
  • Mini Police;
  • Team Activities and become team leaders;
  • Junior Road Safety Officers.